Monday, March 24, 2008

another braindead microphone speaking into a snarky sybaritic soundbyte

"and we can't hold on"

this hermetic snippet may make more sense when set beside johnny ryan's comix, minister faust's bargains, james thurber's vignette's for that ol' time new yorker & bush's anemic retrofuturist skinny tie/horror film decade (whose themse were much better handled in the remixed seven soldiers of victory). and don't forget it's charming d├ętournement of certain arguments in favor that wrinkled, once-presumptive nominee, that botoxed baudevillain who favored our prez's iraq vendetta and her political 'future' over her (supposed) principles. but then again, there was her youthful support of goldwater and his daisies. which makes it all the more shameful that that latter day angel is doing everything she can to ruin lbj's beautiful electoral map (dare we call it his mandate) for lbj's rightful heir with another son of arizona guaranteed to be on that right-eous ticket...

and, by the bayou, i agree with pinocchio's theory re: buffy...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

a bush league administration gets its grades


just a city boy

aint nothing but a (failed) gangster i suppose

fuck fuck cowboy fuckin diplomacy

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

let this be the voice of our inevitable '90s nostalgia kick

* "get there firstest with the brownest nose" - wsb (dob: 8.2.97)

* "wag the dog" - 12.19.97

also, while we're on this nostalgia kick, does anyone else think the new toyota commercial with the badgers is sort of a meta-metaphor for the impact of america's trade policy in the '90s w.r.t its future (narrator = europe, student = american working man /./ consumer, badgers = 'emerging' economies)?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

rip e.g.g.


Gary Gygax