Tuesday, February 27, 2007

like a brown bird nesting in a texaco sign i got a point of view


songs by the sads - picture from cali dewitt

frank's dinner w/ old friends. goodness abounds over salmon & risotto.

Two by Grossman


At the base of his brain he documents
that keep his salary high and divides

everyone who works for him into job descriptions.
They're all part
of the same Plan
and what they do reflects what he earns.

In good
times he doesn't believe in welfare.
In bad
times he lays them off
one after another reducing their severance

which puts extra dollars in his pocket.
He's a real cost cutter
and does a fine job for the Corporation

and when he travels can go first class.

The Mire

Yeats called it a mire
he said there was nothing human greater
than a gold dome. He

wasn't a very good poet and would not have been a businessman.
In the filaments of every person after money

there are little beads of gold small domes

"its a wicked world / thats why no one wants to leave it" - dewars ad campaign


estimated median personal wealth worldwide: $2,161
average number of legos owned by each person worldwide: 75

good things:
+ teenage teardrops
+ zs
+ dfw/mark leyner at 36 minutes
+ barr
+ peter
+ porest

Monday, February 26, 2007

at the end of the oscars it's the producers they honor


dan clowes


"gs has been one of the most aggressive firms on wst about taking action on climate change; the company sends its bankers home at night in hybrid limousines" - nyt, 2.25.07

"What is the place where all the thinking and interesting ideas happen?" asks Elisa Ambrogio. "F. Scott Fitzgerald told me it was Princeton, Herman Melville told me it was a whaling vessel, Lester Bangs told me it was a record, Graham Greene told me it was in prayer, and Dan Clowes told me it was in a line—what you make alone, angry at the world that lacked all the past promised. College? All I got there was a bunch of unfucked pale girls yammering about the gender binary! No thanks! Whaling's illegal and we fished the cod nearly out of existence! Modern music? Rolling Stone magazine? Getting close to God's not going to get me laid! Let alone drawing pictures alone! I want a bunch of people taking drugs and making art and fucking and posting to the Internet, that's what I want! When any group of people pursue artistic freedom for its own sake without thought of reward or backslapping is when people and a place in time become vital, as pat and cheesed-out as the phrase 'true artistic freedom' is. I like it 'cause it seems true, and I am so fake."

Saturday, February 24, 2007

points in time


"untitled" - zach walsh


"step out onto the planet, / draw a circle 100 feet round. / Inside the circle are 300 things / nobody understands and, / maybe, nobody's ever seen. / How many can you find?" - Lew Welch 6.12.64

'she' (#1) - zach walsh

she is the face of the world
hearing misery wail.
the world of the midnight trenchcoat
hangs out the bomb.
the world of the great trunk disappearance
(the heist of the soul)

she is the mask of our ache.
the face of our boxed
screaming flower - -
a cry out of hope
out of need
out of karma
strung in the net
tied in the hoop
the spike that kills
so sad her beauty.


"she" #2 - zach walsh

is woman.
* is child.
* is girl.
* is man.
* is mother unclaimed.
* is lovebaby
* nailed.
She id Little Orphan Annie.

She is the dancer at parties lost in the center.
Best Mannequin Crushed on the Cover of Fashion.

* She is the Queen of Stone
* (blowing roachends)
* statued in time
* staring thru walls
* sleepwalking mirrors of smoke.
* Oh seed of the sun __ moonlight
* reflecting.
* She is Aprhodite with her lover
* buried.