Monday, March 27, 2006

a song i heard during the re-pour

births in 1906:

+ hannah arendt

+ samuel beckett

+ an earthquake

+ greely to history [died (l=d)]

+ the jungle published on the sweating backs of thousands of dead trees

would we be so lucky 100 years later...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

adults only, or confluence was a nice try nostradamus


jh lynch - tina, 1961

and when paige flipped herself over
those numbers read funny people at canyon and sunset
yeah when the orangutan spike said wheres the closure
the doorman heard the head through the trash

yup swiping cars was never an easy plausible or wrong solution
[swiping cars = easily plausible]

-butterflies gliding;

random linear thoughts flip my pages

and paige's predictions for our life

a singular trash begetting a double dumped chaos

too many hands quickly flashing before us

our experiments getting a laugh
leaning over the rainy days

fluttering nabokovs in their perfect golden friezes

this is responsibility, evidently...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

a mssg to those d/wn w. the impulse

so despite the popular posts of this blog id like to send emails to:

charles potts
matt wascovich
& evan dara

so if y'all got ideas (all three of ya)

let me know and i'll drop the lines....


Monday, March 13, 2006

i owed no morality to those who would extort it by force


"Give Up On Socialism"
Andy Clausen

So many realizations of so called Socialism
are unworkable, untenable, totalitarian
failures, are they not?
The great poet sang about Stalin ruining
our old red revolution forevermore
Am I to reject the idea conjured by the word
Socialism or just the word?
Mao is called a Chinese Stalin
Pol Pot a Cambodian Hitler
Tito far from a saint
Castro's not the model of tolerance
The USSR a sad place, a failed place,
a freedom poet murdering place

Yet I haven't given up on love
look what men have done to that word
It's only been about a 100 years
since modern socialism has had any power
for nearly 2000 years millions upon millions
have been killed in the name of Jesus
but I still love Jesus

The reign of terror theory is no friend of mine
Socialism must come willingly from the heart
Must be Democratic must come from the bottom
It must wear a human face
It must make a human face mean something

Marx said in the Communist Manifesto
his ideas will one day be old
You take what you need & leave the rest
The dictatorship of the proletariat
is unworkable & didn't happen
in the USSR & China etcetera
Good thing too, because it's one less thing
to explain
You see dictatorship itself is what's wrong
every woman should know this
A wise woman once said

An idea is strong is workable it will welcome
free expression of opposing ideas
Here's what should be abolished to achieve true freedom!
( if this is a contradiction so be it. It's the truth)
Roman Catholic Index, Black Lists ( Hollywood, Labor, Secret Police)
lists of exclusion & covert hit lists
News Black Outs, Secret Files, Book Burning
Censorship, one party elections, travel bans
poll taxes, campaign laws favoring wealth
profit above all, control above all censure
control of rebel education
making access & education property
I don't pretend to have the answers
but I know that together we can arrive at it
and that is the meaning of revolution
Whatever system of government & economics we come to
it will not work if we are fools


we lay there without moving. but under us all moved, and moved us, gently, up and down, and from side to side. [pause. KRAPP's lips move. no sound.] past midnight. never knew such silence. the earth might be uninhabited. [pause.] here i end this reel. box -[pause.] perhaps my best years are gone. when there was a chance of happiness. but i wouldn't want them back. not with the fire i n me now. no, i wouldn't want them back.[KRAPP motionless staring before him. the tape runs on in silence.]