Friday, December 05, 2008

in a station at the metro


there are very few petals in this wet, black cloud.

something relevant, at least way back, when bear stearns' (really/// a division of jp morgan) hedge funds first defaulted...

something relevant well before that.

samantha power will work for hrc as of 1.21.09. amazing and brilliant and amazing.

it's called a choice b.w patriotism + the self.

in some corners.

it's called a good choice in other.

and that is a good choice.

to move to another theme.

if not always self-sufficient, we see poetry in things like this.

'bottom line: changing my call on the cuny: i now believe that bjng could very well permit modest and temporary (5-10%) depreciation of the cuny.'

and think, crrntaccntdfctsaregoodfrsktng

yes, vowel's (&a's in prtclr) are imptnt (cept whn thy'r buried)


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