Tuesday, December 27, 2005

the apparition of these faces in the crowd, petals on a wet, black bough


All orthodox opinion - that is, today, "revolutionary" opinion either of the pure or the impure variety - is anti-man - wyndham lewis

"We reject a world where security against starvation is bought for the risk of death by boredom"

fury of intelligence baffled and shut in by a circumjacent stupidity - ep on wl

They didn't work; they managed to live without working to quite a large extent -- of course, they had to do something. To do horoscopes for race horses, I suppose, wasn't really work; in any case, I think it was fun to do it, and they didn't really work...
Later, the theory of situations was itself abandoned, little by little. And the journal itself became a political organ. They began to insult everyone. That was part of Debord's attitude, or it might have been part of his difficulties -- he split up with Michele Bernstein [in 1967]. I don't know, there were all kinds of circumstances that might have made him more polemical, more bitter, more violent. In the end, everything became oriented toward a kind of polemical violence. I think they ended up insulting just about everyone. And they also greatly exaggerated their role in May '68, after the fact.

* A hundred things are done today in the divine name of Youth, that if they showed their true colors would be seen by rights to belong rather to old age.
Almost anything that can be praised or advocated has been put to some disgusting use. There is no principle, however immaculate, that has not had its compromising manipulator.
* I feel most at home in the United States, not because it is intrinsically a more interesting country, but because no one really belongs there any more than I do. We are all there together in its wholly excellent vacuum.
* It is more comfortable for me, in the long run, to be rude than polite.
* No American worth his salt should go around looking for a root. I advance this in all modesty, as a not unreasonable opinion.


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