Tuesday, November 15, 2005

v97: we are us and / thats / perfect

v97: my connection is stolen from someone i dont know...

I knew these two people / um...a boy and a girl /they were nice people/ and, um, they liked to hang together / ... / do you know what happened to them

"Untitled" - Fumio Nambata
Collection of Setagaya Art Museum

Team Spirit
Richard Grossman

At Gelco there is a team feeling
although there are many members of the same
team that don't like each other and others that

don't know each other there is a pool
of money the results of production
that go into a pot

the accountants sort it out
and everybody is rewarded a minimum of twice a month
on the basis of how well they carry the ball

and the whole world is playing
on the other side.

Business Tao
Richard Grossman

All revolution is an act
to change the standards that people judge by take

the impeccable business suit
worn by a man of the right race

it is a pass to anywhere where
business makes sense an artificial intelligence
would have a hard time

turning down a proposition from such a suit.
A solid appearance is one of those keys

when you know them all and use them
you can break covenants run
Gelco watch the wind

level honest men outside your one
way windows.


They huddle eyeball to eyeball
not sure of their reasons for associating
on boats or why their wives go together shopping
but confident that Control works.

It's quite pleasant to socialize effectively;
if you don't want to belong
you give notice

your friends will simply melt away.
They'll find themselves another plateau a nice place

where familiar people sell themselves
for familiar sums of money.

This one might explain certain pronoias...
The drug induced in me a state of great excitability; after a lapse of two hours there was lack of appetite, great and continuous thirst, increased beating of the heart, continual longing for sexual activity but without orgasm, combined with masochism or sadism. Mentally I felt a delightful feeling of superiority and importance, and a desire to talk a great deal. -- "Laura: A Case History"
(from Louis London and Frank Caprio's Sexual Deviations - see also
Time Magazine - AG's favorite obsession)


SUNDAY NIGHT (it's gonna be alright)

Enjoy some of new school heros in an oldtime genre, the interactive fiction competition

And figure out why the twentieth century, to quote the blog of america's elder genius raymond federman, was such "an ugly scar across our history", check out: Europeana - A Brief History of the Twentieth Century (a novel)

Federman story of the day [it's a pdf] is in the amazing black ice anthology (*for a*) - check it out where the digerati meet the literati (party like it's 95)


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