Tuesday, November 08, 2005

you can quiet the beast with drugs but he will dream of blood & bone (yours)

"in the pavillion of the red clown"
robert williams

"sitting on a bench near TSQuare"
d.a. levy


through the branches of
the thin trees of tenth street
the blue sky waits
with me &
im waiting for god
(on a white horse)
to ride thru the
branches of
the lower east side
before returning to
& something
tells me
he isnt coming


im a levy of the levites
yet in cleveland
i have painted myself
& am feeling
something like an outlaw

the druids give me soup
& think im a lama

its been close to 7 years
ive been looking for god
& the trails wearing as
thin as the trees on tenth street

i am a levy of the levites
& last week
a fanatic jew in the heights
called me a halfbreed
because my mother was a christian

i am a levy of the levites
& last week a rabbi
thought i was kidding
when i told him
i was interested in judaism

god i think yr sense
of humor is sad
& perhaps you are also
feeling something
like an outlaw

god i am wondering
for how many years
have the jews
exiled you
while they busied themselves
with survival


Blogger a said...

if i am the wonderwoman are you the evil red clown?

my communist lover

11:38 AM  

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