Thursday, July 19, 2007

you've got the fever. it's the foruty-first day.


"she was born in 1988"

+ "I think in the whole world things are going very badly. People are becoming more materialist and cruel . . . Cruel by laziness, by indifference, egotism, becuase they only think about themselves and not at all about what is happening around them, so they let everything grow ugly and stupid. They are all interested in money only. Money is becoming their God. God doesn't exist for many. Money is becoming something you must live for. You know, even your astronauts, the first one who put his foot on the moon, said that when he first saw our earth, he said it was something so miraculous, so marvelous, don't spoil it, don't touch it. More deeply I feel the rotten way they are spoiling the earth. All the countries. Silence doesn't exist anymore; you can't find it. That, for me, would make it impossible to live." -- Robert Bresson

+ "If a social engineer set out to devise a system for perpetuating our most vicious enmities, he could find no better formula than sectarian education. The main point of faith schools is that the children of 'our' tribe must be taught 'their own' religion. . . . But what can it mean to speak of a child's 'own' religion? Imagine a world in which it was normal to speak of a Keynesian child, a Hayekian child, or a Marxist child. Or imagine a proposal to pour government money into separate private schools for Republican children and Democrat children. Everyone agrees that small children are too young to bear the burden of heavy parental labels. Why then, is almost our entire society happy to privilege religion, and slap a label like Catholic or Protestant, Muslim or Jew, on a tiny child? Isn't that a form of mental child abuse?" - R. Dawkins

+ "And when today he lights up his cigarette, he uses a flintstone and a fuse, like everybody else. 'In a boat,' he says, 'that is the best way. The wind blows the matches out, but the harder the wind blows, the more the fuse glows.'" - don caballero, "Spain, 1932"


'trying to watch a movie in amerikan waters'

(fuck cancer.and let all rest.)

the tambourine man came around
with his mixtape of a living god
"give me whatever you've got"

yeah, benjamin walter -
born into this land of radioactive objectivity -
he took the guitars
and got the fever (anarchy was a career, right?)...

and he doubted the medicine, man.

there was, evan, that easter parade.
fast, even down troubled holly would, faster, be'bout, boulevards, illuminated.

they spoke the charms of snakes
and took to thee smiling finger lakes.

and the beat and the bonds went on
high notes in quick secession.
away from me/away from you.
on their way to 756.

they took
and they took

& they hooked

every object clanging thought of old crazy
ezra's pounding metro station.

a knaves' dada/s apparitions in that g'war.
deserts and farsifas on the flight home,
police detectives retreat to their interrogation rooms
to the stories and exagggerations of a princely peter.

at war at home
at peace in the tremolo.

they were the ones that never went play


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